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Analysis: electrification of rural and industriel east african country by photovoltaic

In some east african countries industry is growing and the need for energy is acute and apparent. Equally rural regions need energy too. Villages are often inaccessible and costs of connecting to a national grid are expensive. With photovoltaic (PV) systems it will be possible to bring electrical power across the countries faster and at least for the same price – but then with no cost increase for the next 25 years! We have the solution for both industry and the rural regions.

With small home systems it is possible to charge a mobile or laptop but flexibility is limited. With PV plants a lot of power can be received, often more cheaply than the current power costs. BUT you need space, people with knowledge and a grid which can take the power every time. We will not mention that further!

We are speaking in this project about an implementation of an entire industrial sector. In the feasibility study we will analyse all aspects of an industrialisation. The main components are:

  • Mini-grid energy systems mainly for off-grid solutions (for villages, hospitals, schools, etc.) which can be connected to the national grid, whenever available as well as on-grid solutions. Generally, no land will be needed for these installations.
  • In the industrial zones, our PV solutions can augment the power supply to address the needs of the existing industries, needing more electricity for production, and new industries.
    Industrial roof-tops would provide a significant part of the substrates for the solar power Panels.
  • Education in Photovoltaics at every level (from university to vocational training) to spread knowledge and create jobs in a new industrial sector.
  • Assembly/production line for PV panels as well as other parts of solar systems for the domestic Rwandan market and neighbouring countries.

Together with our partners we believe in the holistic approach. Of course, it starts like every other project with the installation of a PV plant but this will only be the start.
PV increasing

During installation we endeavour to train local people to maintain the system – including battery and diesel generators. We will work out an educational plan at every level to provide a sustainable solution. The aim will be to have a production line in this region. With such a module and production assembly line it will no longer be necessary to import all material and in addition, the modules will be adapted for this region and will be more efficient.
With this approach we can create jobs in the region and at the same time power will be available for all people.

Greenlights coordinates the project from the consortium side. In addition Greenlights will bring their knowledge and expertise to all the topics mentioned above.

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