Analysis: Would you like some tea?

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Tea plantations need a lot of power and power is expensive! – We can supply the power you need – but at a far lower cost.

It became very clear after analysing data in respect of energy consumption and costs from tea plantations in Rwanda and Uganda, that renewable energy source is cheaper available!

Solar energy is not only more environmentally friendly – it’s cheaper than current options and immediate.

Energy costs using diesel are around 40 USct/kWh where as a Photovoltaic (PV) system is half the price including maintenance, financing and insurance.

The Math’s speak for themselves and we can and will show you the sums. We can save Tea plantation owners thousands of dollars a year.

Too small systems are expensive – so to be cost effective an installation of at least 50kWp (200 modules) is recommended. Financing a 50Kwp system would require a minimum of $15,000 – however payback will be achieved between 2 and 3 years. In the whole scheme of things this is small, relative to overall costs but it is a serious inroad into reducing energy bills both now and for the future – as well as being practical and environmentally responsible.

Understanding and respecting that this technology maybe new to some we are willing to host lighthouse projects with a lower down payment and smaller size in order to demonstrate the benefits of PV – working in areas to explain the technology- showing at first hand, how it is run and managed on a daily basis and illustrating the energy savings available.

We are in discussions with plantation owners and with charity organisations for financing such lighthouse projects – because we believe whole heartedly in our technology and our promises

And what’s about your energy consumption with your circumstances? We would like to analyse your situation and we will calculate your potential savings by using green energy.

Having a cup of tea could never be more relaxing.

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