Analysis: Maldives, the dream is real

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Energy cost savings is possible anywhere in the world.

Greenlights has carried out studies of hotel resorts in the Maldives where supplying power is expensive but we can offer a cheaper and at the same time a more sustainable solution.

When you dream, as we all do, of the perfect holiday, the perfect destination indeed the holiday of a lifetime where do we think of? Most of us imagine, clear blue skies, pristine beaches and tranquillity. In other words our idea of Heaven. There are few places on this great planet that evoke such emotions and attachment but the Maldives is undoubtedly one.

We are all aware of the importance with the threat of global warming, to act responsibly to protect our planet, our environment but no one wants to see ugly solar panels littering the beach or skyline but it need not be that way. Greenlights has carried out studies in the Maldives and we have found that resort owners do have the possibility of saving money on energy costs and not at the expensive of the environment.

Energy costs in the Maldives are high and like elsewhere in the world they remain unstable with oil prices subject to the influence of demand and supply in an ever volatile world. Further complicated by the geography of nearly a 1000 islands, the vagrancies of the weather; diesel still has to be delivered to where it is needed or literally the lights will go out! It is obvious to most that solar modules can offer a cheaper and quieter energy solution. The main obstacle here is finding enough space for “invisible” modules. The options available may not be simple but we do have the answers. It is possible very often, to deliver a silent, environmentally sensitive and cost effective energy system. For example in holiday resorts – PV panels may be located on staff accommodation or on the bridges that link the sea bungalows with the island. Panels can be coloured to blend in with their surroundings and as such become almost invisible.

Greenlight will be with you from the very first discussion to the installation and implementation of your dedicated System.

The initial outlay need not be high but the cost savings will start immediately and continue. We can propose a power purchase agreement with a better price for power than you are currently paying. So why wait? The choice of a better, greener and cheaper future is here now- just ask us.

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