Who we are

and how we work

Greenlights is your partner for every type of energy system with at least one renewable component.

We coordinate all the stakeholders from planning to installation and through the lifetime of the system. We advise and support customers and partners regarding energy systems. We provide essential services such as financing and insurance.

Our work is successful because we care:

We consider all the requirements and circumstances to deliver the best solution.
Seldom can you start on a green field site with an energy system. Often a diesel generator is already installed and producing expensive power. We look at what is already there and usable. We analyse why and when you need power. If, for example, you need a lot of power for producing warm water, you will need hot water and not much electricity. Sometimes it is quite important to make the system invisible; no noise or no black or blue photovoltaic (PV) modules. All these points and more are considered before finding the best solution.

Our solutions are always economically considered.
Our challenge and intention is to find a better solution for you than the current one you have. Our aim is to generate a cheaper KWh-price. Of course, there are exceptions (e.g. lighthouse effect is much more important) but still we will endeavour to find the best solution.

All energy systems contain at least one renewable resource.
We strongly believe we have to change our behaviour towards the resources we have. In the power sector with renewable resources we can make a better world. We focus on PV as the main component but all other technologies are also possible.

We can deliver and install not only the most competitive but also the best system.
With no supplier contract we can use the optimized solution regarding components and suppliers every time. Our extensive network of partners including universities and research and development companies allows us to be positioned to find the best and cheapest components for every situation.

For every customer the right solution.
What kind of system makes sense and fits the local circumstances? If you are in the mountains you have to look for snow pressure on PV modules. This will be of no interest for modules used in the jungle. Maybe you already have a grid, but it is unstable and you have to guarantee immediate power? Let us have a look at your requirements and find the best KWh-price solution for you!

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